Curtain Measuring Guide

Measuring for your new curtains is easy, it’s just two measurements. We recommend that when measuring you use a metal tape measure, as plastic or cloth ones are flexible and can stretch or distort which may result in inaccurate measurements.


Measure the width of the track or pole (excluding finials) in cm. Do not measure the window unless the window is the same size as the wall.

Track of pole size Approx curtain width
Up to 122cm (48″) 117cm (46″)
Between 122cm (48″) and 195cm (77″) 168cm (66″)
Between 195cm (77″) and 275cm (108″) 229cm (90″)


You need to decide where you want the curtains to finish; at the window sill, below the window sill (approx 15cm below) or to the floor.

Measure from the top of the track or pole to where you want the curtains to finish. You need to order the nearest next longest drop.

Heading Types

There are 2 different types of headers available 3″ tape or eyelet. 3″ tape curtains are suitable for all tracks and poles, eyelet are only suitable for poles.